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Disney bucketlist

tiareewimbuss asked: I would just like to tell you how much i love your tumblr, I'm crazy about everything Disney. I look at you page and I can relate to it. My page is mainly reposted stuff but I love to write how each thing of Disney makes my life so magical. Thanks for having an amazing blog ❤❤❤

Thank you so much! I’m really sorry tho for not updating that much. :(

But I appreciate your message. Thanks again :)

chareldemmers asked: When are you going to update your tumblr again?

Very soon. :)


Sorry I haven’t posted anything for such a long time!

But I’ll try to post photos this weekend after my exams. While waiting for the weekend, why don’t you drop by my ask and suggest some of your bucketlist? :)

Have a magical day everyone! :D


I think I need a co-admin.. 

anyone interested?

johnniebobonnie asked: This is one of the best blogs EVER!! It is my goal to do them all..

Omg thank you! It’s OUR goals. :)